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  Resume - Fred Rosse 



Beckersville Steam Engineering Company

Phone: (609)454-7617



-Senior Performance Consulting Engineer with over 35 years of extensive professional experience performing

technical mechanical diagnostic work, and developing solutions for several utility and industrial plant systems.

Expert in technical mechanical diagnosis and systems failure analysis, with comprehensive solution design and


-Designated a Corporate Specialist for rotating equipment, heat exchangers, heat cycles/heat balance

analysis, plus thermal/fluid systems analysis. Expertise in plant fluid systems, including simulation

and diagnosis of plant operational problems. Has utilized numerous industry accepted heat balance

programs. Developed first principle heat balance computer code for simulation of large automatic

extraction turbine cycles.

-Mechanical Design Development Specialist with Fabrication Management of numerous projects, including

various types of power plants, test facilities for nuclear cooling systems, spent fuel storage casks, advanced

reactor ancillary systems, RICEevaluations, testing, and support systems improvements.

-Corporate Specialist in Plant Mechanical/Fluid Systems, Heat Transfer and

Heat Exchanger Design, Rotating Machinery Specialist, Transient Thermo-fluids Analysis.

-Plant Assessments, Plant Diagnostics, and Owner’s Consulting Engineer representative for contractor and

OEM work.

-Systems Diagnostics, and Consulting Engineer for NYC Treatment Plants, project refitting large Diesel-Dual

Fuel Generators for low emissions fuel systems.

-Computer Program Author, Authored numerous computer programs dealing with heat transfer, fluid flow,

thermal cycle analysis, and vessel design.

-Teacher & Developer of Modern Power Plant Engineering, a 30 hour engineering training

course. Has presented training courses at The Engineers Club of Philadelphia, Raytheon Engineers &

Constructors in Philadelphia, Air Products Corp. in Allentown PA, and AECOM offices in Princeton


-Introduced transient thermo-fluid analysis tools to the engineering of fossil power plant

engineering tasks, providing new insights to address achieving design criteria with

significant equipment and operational cost savings.

-Extensive experience on large Air Quality Control Systems programs in Illinois, Wisconsin, New Hampshire

and Pennsylvania.

-Regarding reciprocating engine and rotating machinery practice, Fred has several relevant areas

of expertise. While working for the US Army Corps of Engineers. Plant Branch, Dredging

Operations Process Designer, he has experience with marine Diesel engine rebuilding, ranging from

conventional truck/automotive sized engines to tugboats with 15 inch bore cylinders. Has designed, built and

operated small cogeneration units, (Distributed Generation), including a fully automatic coal fired

steam-electric plant, plus a diesel-electric unit with exhaust gas and jacket water heat recovery.

-A certified apprentice Tool and Die Maker, has a machine shop with 3 lathes and various associated

equipment. He has built several reciprocating engines, as well as various mechanisms. Has also

worked within OEM fabrication shops, performing inspections to assure quality of work for nuclear

plant components, spent nuclear fuel cask systems, Vacuum Drying, Helium Backfill, and Forced

Cooling systems, and their ancillaries.



Engineering - For AECOM serving New York Power Authority - 2018 to 2020


2012 to 2018

-PERFORMANCE CONSULTING ENGINEER, F/T, United Research Services (URS bought out Washington

Group International in 2007) - 2007 to 2012

-PERFORMANCE CONSULTING ENGINEER, F/T, Washington Group International - 2000 to 2007

-PRINCIPAL ENGINEER, F/T, Holtec International - 1997 -2000

-SENIOR CONSULTING ENGINEER, F/T, Raytheon Engineers & Constructors Inc.(who bought out United

Engineers) - 1990-1997

-NUCLEAR ENGINEER, F/T, United Engineers Inc., 1985 - 1997


Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor of Science Degree from Drexel University.


-Rosse F. R., Wong, H. K. “An Integrated Approach to Draft Systems for Air Quality Control Equipment

Retrofits”, Power-Gen International Power Generation Conference, 2012.

-Rosse F. R., Principal Investigator, “Efficiency Improvement for Cycling Service”, EPRI Report, Document

1021205, Electric Power Research Institute, 2010

-Rosse F. R., “New Applications of Transient Computer Analysis Tools To Prevent Turbine Water

Induction”, Coal-Gen 2009

-Rosse F. R., “Energy Alternatives for Electric Power Production”, ASME / ISA Joint Meeting, Jan 2008

-Rosse F. R. “High Pressure Air Cooled Condenser Allows Rapid Gas Turbine Startup and Loading”,

Electric Power Conference 2008

-Rosse F. R., “Air Binding of Heat Recovery Steam Generator Economizer Tube Banks” Power-Gen

International Power Generation Conference, 2004

-Rosse F. R., “Experience with Early Distributed Generation Systems” IJPGC2003-40912, American

Society of Mechanical Engineers, Proceedings of the International Joint Power Generation Conference, 2003

Eigenbrood J. C., Rosse F. R., "Atlantic City's Unique Dual Pumping, District Energy System Utilizes

One Set of Pumps for Both Primary and Secondary Flow Distribution", Pumps and Systems September


-Rosse F. R., Principal Contributor, “OM-21, Inservice Performance Testing of Heat Exchangers in LWR

Plants", American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 1995

Hughes, D. F.,

-Rosse F. R., "Resolution of Performance Degradation at Atlantic Electric's B. L. England

Station Unit #3”, Pennsylvania Electric Association Conference, Fall 1991 Meeting.

-Rosse F. R., Principal Contributor, NUREG-0797, "Safety Evaluation Report related to the operation of

Comanche Peak Steam Electric Station, Units 1 and 2", U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Office of

Special Projects, Nov. 1988


• New York Dept. of Environmental Protection / New York Power Authority, Owl's Head

Wastewater Treatment Plant Projects-Provides Engineering plus inspection services for the rebuilding and

refurbishment of Large Diesel (Dual Fuel) generators. Engines are being rebuilt, fitted with Micro-Pilot injection

systems, plus receiving several ancillaries' upgrades. Critical service requirements for these machines requires

high reliability, in addition to the environmental benefits of burning digester gas which would otherwise be flared at the site. This work includes machinery diagnostics, supervision and participation in systems fabrication,

testing and commissioning, as well as fabrication and use of various diagnostic tools and QA measurement



systems, and this redesign of the primary cooling system, to significantly increases reliability and simultaneously reduces system costs. Main heat exchangers mass reduced from 354 tons to 93 tons. Addressed numerous significant design challenges for this reactor which has extremely high thermal performance requirements.

• TERRA Power - Advanced Traveling Wave Reactor-Developed Natural Circulation Emergency Cooling

System heat exchanger configuration and details. Design features incorporated to allow modular construction,

inspection and maintenance access, complete draining, and novel radiation heat transfer features.

• Modern Power Plant Engineering Course Developer and Instructor.-Developed and conducted

corporate sponsored training courses for engineering personnel. The training currently consists of an 8 hour

introductory course, and a 30 hour course over a 15-week period, introducing power plant technologies

including basic thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, heat transfer, FGD, water treatment and other topics. Plant

specifics for relevant equipment and various systems are covered, explaining the configurations and technical

aspects of modern power plant design. Typical calculations and analysis methods are also covered. Authored

a small hardbound book at the direction of the corporate CEO, describing the workings of power plants and

alternate technologies. Thousands of these books were distributed to every employee within the Power


• Holtec International, Marlton, New Jersey. -Developed test plan, supervised fabrication and

conducted Full Scale Thermal Performance Testing of Dry Fuel Storage System (HISTAR Cask). Detailed

analysis, design, and fabrication supervision for all Dry Cask Ancillary Fluid Systems, Cooling Skids, etc.

Designed dual purpose Heat Exchanger, using boiling liquid Nitrogen to provide storage cask Helium cooling,

and alternately serving as a steam surface condenser, cooled by chilled water, which allows efficient

dewatering of spent fuel casks. Designed special hot-tap valves allowing hermetic access to loaded spent fuel

containers for various loading and unloading cask operations.

• Taiwan Power Corp., Lungmen Units 1 & 2, Nuclear Plants-Owner's Engineer providing oversight for

modifications to 9 stage 2000 horsepower safety pumps which failed site performance tests prior to fuel

loading. Work included fast track evaluation of proposed changes to pump internals to restore specified

performance, assessment of proposed modification methods, including CNC machining operations and EDM

rework of fluid flow passages. Witnessed rebuilt pumps' performance tests, identified anomalies relevant to

intended service conditions and functional requirements.

• GdF SUEZ, Monterrey Combined Cycle/Cogeneration Project, 180 MW-Accumulation of flammable

non-condensables in a large air cooled condenser resulted in a plant explosion, with loss of life and destruction

of large sections of the plant’s air cooled condenser. As part of the plant evaluation and remediation team,

suggested forced air dilution of the HRSG to maintain acceptable tube metal temperatures while allowing

limited operation during the repair process. Participated in facilitating the rapid installation of this system.

Developed Air Cooled Condenser Inerting System, which includes a large flow nitrogen purge capability, with

steam heat to vaporize and pre-heat the liquid nitrogen source. This system is necessary to allow nitrogen

purge while simultaneously avoiding NDTT issues with the air cooled condenser.

• Tennessee Valley Authority, Gallatin & Shawnee Fossil Power Stations FGD/SCR

Projects-Provides project guidance to develop economical draft system retrofits for AQCS installations. Work.

includes modification to duct arrangements allowing lower costs and reduced flow friction. Develops large duct

turning vane criteria, participates in scale model and CFD simulations used to prove acceptable function.

Developed Fan capability test procedures and participated in plant ID/Booster Fan Performance Tests for both


• Public Service of New Hampshire, Merrimack Units 1&2 Clean Air Project-Developed a novel AQCS

Booster fan arrangement with large recirculation ducts to allow adequate control of the draft system at very low

flue gas flows. This departure from common practice was required as a single unit (120 MW) was required to

operate with flue gas flow into a scrubber that is rated for 500MW capacity.

• We Energies, Valley Power Plant, Cogeneration Plant Coal to Gas Conversion-A large cogeneration

plant (4 coal fired boilers, two automatic extraction turbines) supplies heating and process steam to the City of

Milwaukee, being converted to natural gas firing. Performed transient analysis for the entire district energy

system to discover available options, allowing operation with fewer boilers in fired standby conditions, and to

allow shutdown of turbines when prudent. Developed rapid startup system allowing startup of unfired standby

boilers in less than 30 minutes, compared to previous operations which required several hours to bring an

unfired boiler to rated pressure.

• Reliant Energy, California Coastal Plant Alternative 2 x 750 MW (Ormond Beach), and 2 x 215

MW (Mandalay)-Developed conceptual designs for large ocean submerged circulating water heat exchangers,

allowing sea water cooling with the pre-existing sea water intakes converted to closed cooling circuits, thereby

addressing 316B cooling water issues. Very large undersea heat exchangers, utilizing natural circulation of sea

water over HDPE tube banks, were conceptually developed with provisions to protect the equipment from

commercial and recreational marine operations, and be suitable for most economical fabrication and

placement on the sea floor.

• Detroit Edison, Monroe Generating Station, 730 MW, Coal-Fired Units, Monroe, Michigan.-Developed

flue gas ductwork arrangement, providing two Axial Booster Fans with high elevation mounting which

significantly reduced overall expense, and improved pressure drop in new ductwork. Participated in definition

of ID Fans/Booster Fans operating requirements. Participated in FGD Booster Fan specification, evaluation

and vendor selection.

• RRI Energy, Hunterstown, Bighorn, Choctaw, and Seward Projects. -Mechanical Consultant for task

force reviewing technical aspects of Steam Condensers (Air Cooled and Water Cooled) and Feedwater Pumps

of several plants under construction. The Reliant Critical Equipment Evaluation Program is conducted to

preclude typical delays experienced during startup and initial operation of new plants. Work included review of

design parameters, installation practices, vendor meetings, and operational concerns for each piece of critical


• RRI Energy, Seward Generating Station, 580 MW, CFB Unit, Seward, Pennsylvania.-Consulting

Engineer. Reviewed Draft System sizing and performance capabilities. Participated in ID Fans vane

replacement efforts, including technical reviews and initiation of stress condition improvements for replacement fan vanes. Conducted flow analysis study for Circulating Water System which experienced severe pump damage due to throttling conditions of winter operation. Developed alternate bypass arrangement allowing reduced winter cooling tower flow without throttling pump discharges. Performed miscellaneous water systems analysis to determine operating conditions of clarified water system.

• RRI Energy, Cheswick FGD Power Project, 630 MW, Coal Fired, Springdale, Pennsylvania-Mechanical

Engineer. Responsible for developing new FGD booster fan criteria for fan specifications.Participated in design

criteria development, fan bid evaluations, etc. Developed reverse order fan arrangement. New Booster Fans

precede existing ID Fans which significantly reduced new FGD ductwork expense and pressure drop.

• RRI Energy, Portland Generating Station, 180 MW, PC Unit, Portland, Pennsylvania-Consulting

Engineer. Participated in Reliant efforts to diagnose turbine water induction damage at the plant and

implement required changes to procedures and startup systems during the spring outage. Developed drain

sizing criteria, tested existing drains, and detailed new turbine outer casing drains which were added during

this short duration outage. Novel methods to analyze the physical phenomenon occurring within the turbine

casing were developed, including use of the EPRI GOTHIC computer code. Post outage startup proceeded

without water induction problems.

• Allegheny Energy, Hatfield's Ferry and Fort Martin Stations, SO2 Reduction Project, 5 x 630

MW, Coal-Fired, Masontown, Pennsylvania -Mechanical Engineer. Responsible for participating in the

development of design criteria, ductwork and fan arrangements, flue gas pressure drop evaluations, etc. Fan

bid evaluations, review of CFD modeling results.

• We Energies, Pleasant Prairie Power Plant, Air Quality Control Project, Pleasant Prairie,

Wisconsin, Mechanical Engineer. -Developed flue gas ductwork arrangements to improve gas flow and

constructability of new Wet FGD installation. Developed flue gas pressure distribution profiles and definition

of ID Fans/Booster Fans operating requirements. Participated in FGD Booster Fan specification, evaluation

and vendor selection. Evaluated existing lake water makeup system for new FGD water supply requirements.

• Johnson Controls, Schuylkill Station, 250 MW, Combined Cycle, District Energy. -Developed

conceptual design and complete system detailed design for a new full load dump condenser which accepts all

HRSG energy from a 150 MW Combustion Turbine. The dump condenser is entirely dry air cooled and allows

rapid startup of the Combustion Turbine without warm-up of the attached steam cycle. The condenser system

is designed to allow startup in less than 15 minutes, for ambients ranging from 0°F to 90°F, with no preheating

and no standby energy losses when not in use. System has been installed and operated successfully.

• DTE Energy Services, ISPAT and Sand Sage Projects. Conducted Mechanical Due Diligence

Reviews of proposed new projects: ISPAT is an existing 200 MW industrial cogeneration plant with five

coal-fired boilers and two non reheat turbogenerators. Review of existing power cycle equipment, replication

work on piping to address creep in main steam high temperature piping, plus development of conceptual

design for cooling system and condensers of a proposed new turbine.

• The Sand Sage project considers installing a new 660 MW Supercritical Coal-Fired Plant at an

existing 350 MW plant site. The site was originally designed for 3 x 350 MW coal plants. Review included

examination of all relevant shared facilities, coal unloading, storage, crushers, conveyors, ash handling and

disposal, water supplies, water treatment, FGD storage and handling, and new cooling system needs.

• Detroit Edison, Belle River Generating Station, Two 660 MW, Coal-Fired Units, Belle River,

Michigan. Conducted plant efficiency evaluations for turbine cycles and boilers. Evaluated condenser

performance, and auxiliary load reduction potentials. Evaluated high leakage rates in Rothemuhle type Air

Heaters, developed air heater inspection tools, leakage quantification spreadsheet programs, and Air Heater

Seal replacement/renewal maintenance techniques. Variable speed drive study for auxiliary loads.

• Wisconsin Energy, Elm Road Generating Station, 660 MW, Coal-Fired Units, Oak Creek,

Wisconsin. Supercritical Pressure steam cycle development for new coal fired plant. Performs Heat Cycle

Development and Optimization, Steam Turbine Generator technical evaluations, and Steam Generator

technical evaluations. Also performs various related mechanical engineering tasks, including cooling system

optimization and design development.

• Exelon Corp., Mystic and Fore River Stations, Three 900 MW, Combined Cycle Plants, Exelon

Project, Boston, Massachusetts. Balance of plant engineering and design for plants (Mystic and Fore River),

2 on 1 Combined Cycles with three pressure HRSG, reheat steam cycles. Provided fluid system flow network

analyses for Closed Cooling Water, Fuel Gas, Main Steam, Hot and Cold Reheat, LP Steam, Bypass Steam

System, Gas Turbine Combustor Cooling System, and entire Condensate and Feedwater Systems. Defined

flow capability requirements for all major system control valves. Defined relief valve and control valve sizing

for all BOP services. Developed natural circulation model of Fin-Fan Coolers. Interfaced with equipment

suppliers to finalize plant design parameters and design philosophies. Developed standardized fluid system

calculation methods for use throughout projects.

• PECO Energy Co., USX Steel Station, 70 MW, Landfill Gas-Fired Cogeneration Unit,

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Consulting Engineer for Landfill Gas Conversion Project. The project consisted

of a new landfill gas compressor station, gas delivery pipeline, combustion control system and low NOx

burners retrofit.

• Daewoo Corporation, Korba Station, Two 500 MW, Coal-Fired Units, Seoul, Korea. Cognizant

Engineer for development of client training lecture series, Power Plant Technologies. Training consisted of 37

sessions, each of two hours duration to develop the engineering skills specific to central station design.

• Pennsylvania Electric Co., Shawville Station, Four Units, 650 MW, Coal-Fired, Johnstown,

Pennsylvania. Performed evaluation study to determine benefits of supplementing river flow with upstream

reservoir water inventories. Low river flow limits summertime plant output at this station. Developed analysis

model and computer program simulating interactions of plant exhaust steam, condenser and circulating water

system performance, river flow and temperatures, with cooling pond recirculation providing additional heat

rejection capabilities.

• Midwest Generation, Homer City Supercritical Coal-Fired Unit, Mechanical Engineer. Provided

diagnostic review of plant incident which resulted in damage to 750 MW coal-fired steam electric plant

(Homer City) main feed water pumps during startup. Provided analysis to define feed pump NPSH conditions

during transient conditions.

• Atlantic Electric Co., Missouri Avenue Thermal Station, Pleasantville, New Jersey, District

Energy System. Cognizant Engineer for development of Atlantic City Convention Center Hot and Chilled

Water Systems. Work includes conceptual design development, cogeneration options evaluation, design and

specification of gas/oil-fired boilers, vapor compression chillers, pumps, piping, customer interface, etc.

• Baltimore Gas & Electric, Deepwater Station, 95 MW, Coal-Fired Unit, Wilmington, Delaware.

Developed thermal power cycle utilizing existing site plant equipment to provide new generation capacity.

Work involved alteration of existing automatic extraction units to feed the low-pressure elements of cross

compound machines which were out of service.

• Atlantic Electric, B. L. England Station, Unit 2, Coal-Fired Unit 2

170 MW, Pleasantville, New Jersey. Mechanical supervising engineer and project technical coordinator for

flue gas desulphurization project. Responsible for detailed engineering and design of draft system conversion

to balanced draft, specification and evaluation of new I.D. fans. Provided detailed design of building heating

systems and mechanical services for service building and gypsum storage building.

• Atlantic Electric, Vineland Station, Two 80 MW, each Simple Cycle, Combustion Turbines.

Mechanical supervising engineer for balance of plant systems. Work included engineering and design

specifications, bid evaluation and construction support activities for fuel oil truck unloading, oil storage, fuel

forwarding, underground piping systems, foam fire protection, water supply, demineralized water storage and

natural gas compressor station.

• Atlantic Electric, B. L. England Station, Unit 3, Oil-Fired Unit

170 MW, Pleasantville, New Jersey. Performed inspection and diagnosed efficiency losses within the

turbine cycle at B.L. England Unit 3. Work involved survey of the thermal cycle to identify deviations from

original parameters, and evaluation of heat rate changes due to these deviations. Positively identified an

asymmetrical blockage in the unit’s low-pressure turbine, causing reverse flow in an extraction line. This

blockage was later identified as a diaphragm that had been installed backward during the previous outage.

• Metropolitan Edison Company, Portland Station, One 150 MW, Simple Cycle, Combustion

Turbine, Reading, Pennsylvania. Balance of plant engineering and design for the installation of a Siemens

V84.3 150 MW, combustion turbine generator at Portland Unit 5. Services include development and

finalization of plant conceptual design parameters and design philosophies; BOP mechanical systems design

development for the procurement and installation of all systems supporting the combustion turbine operation.

Work included fuel oil tank renovation, fuel supply (gas and oil), demineralized water pumps/piping, double

wall drains/containment piping, drain tanks etc.

• Metropolitan Edison Company, Titus Station, Three 75 MW, each Coal-Fired Units. Mechanical

Supervising Engineer for new plant reverse osmosis (R.O.) system, vacuum degasifier and condenser makeup

spray deaerating system. Developed low cost makeup water deaeration scheme which allowed elimination of

nitrogen blanket system and nitrogen generators.

• Florida Power Corp. Crystal River Unit 2, One 500 MW, Coal-Fired Unit, St. Petersburg,

Florida. Provided diagnostic review of plant trips that had caused damage to 500 MW coal-fired steam

electric plant. Provided analysis to define limits on feed pump rotational acceleration. Discovered strong

suction vortex problems in the deaerator storage tank, coupled with plant controls response which promotes

flashing and loss of feed pump NPSH after a plant trip.

• Exelon Project, Eddystone Plant, One 360 MW, Supercritical Coal-Fired Unit, Philadelphia,

Pennsylvania, Mechanical Engineer. Cognizant of design development, specification, and detailed

engineering for new plant water intake system utilizing wedgewire screens. Work included development of

underwater screen assembly mounting and removal methods, and screen spatial arrangement to minimize fish


• Exelon Corp, LaSalle Unit 1 Nuclear Plant. Consulting Engineer conducting a large study of

cooling system alternatives in anticipation of plant uprate, with criteria of eliminating forced plant runbacks

during summer conditions. A single large cooling lake is provided for two nuclear units. Study evaluated

helper towers, spray ponds, lake expansion, etc. Evaluation factored in the actual hourly ISO electric pricing,

giving proper perspective of the real economic penalties associated with warm weather runbacks.

• General Atomics, Next Generation Nuclear Plant. Consulting Engineer developing thermal

cogeneration cycles and fluid systems for this small modular reactor design. Introduced novel concepts to

allow natural circulation cooling of various systems, and to allow use of existing technologies in place of

special equipment that had originally been envisioned for this plant design.

• U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Comanche Peak, Unit 1, Washington, DC. Consulting

Engineer for USNRC audit and inspections of design documents relating to plant safety concerns at Comanche

Peak Unit 1, a 1215 MWe PWR. Responsible for review of auxiliary feed water, containment spray,

component cooling water, service water and diesel generator auxiliary systems.

• Niagara Mohawk Power Co., Nine Mile Point, Syracuse, New York. Developed test procedures

and conducted analysis to demonstrate sufficient cooling capacity in safety related systems which had failed

technical specification flow requirements at Nine Mile Point Unit 1, a 610 MWe BWR.

• Consolidated Edison Co., Indian Point, Unit 2, New York, New York. At Indian Point Unit 2, and

873 MWe PWR, evaluated turbine plant/BOP systems capability to allow 100-megawatt increased rating.

Parallel efforts were performed by Westinghouse to upgrade reactor thermal rating by about 300 megawatts.

Work included numerous systems evaluations, as well as condenser performance evaluation.

• New York Power Authority, Indian Point, Unit 3, Buchanan, New York. Developed interactive

computer programs to demonstrate design basis heat exchanger performance in safety related cooling

systems. This is accomplished by testing equipment at off-design conditions and adjusting heat exchanger performance according to the deviation in flows, inlet temperatures and heat load.

• Public Service Electric and Gas of New Jersey, Salem Units, Handcocks Bridge, New Jersey.

Developed First Principle Modeling Computer Codes of Safety Related Vapor Compression Chillers. Codes

used to predict response to cooling water transients during LOCA conditions (Hope Creek).

• Wisconsin Electric Power Company, Point Beach Nuclear Plant, Two Rivers, Wisconsin.

Designed and supervised fast track test loop construction, and testing of Containment Fan Coils under LOCA

conditions with steam/air condensation. Less than 30 days from authorization to begin detailed design to

completed test. Test loop with steam saturation chamber, demister sections, 16 inch forced loop piping,

computer data logging system, spray recirculation and cooling pumps.


Enjoys structural and architectural design. Steam boat building Craftsman. Builds historic steamship museum

models, enjoys free time on water with friends and family.






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