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RICE - Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines 

Most work in this realm involves reducing emissions, and fuel efficiency improvement


RECE - Reciprocating External Combustion Engines

Generally considered in smaller powers, including Steam Engines, Brayton, Stirling, Erricson Cycles


New York Department of Environmental Protection 

New York Power Authority

Owls Head Water Treatment Plant

Diesel / Dual Fuel Engine Generators providing primary power and standby emergency power.  Primary Power is fueled by digester gas entirely produced within the plant.

Fred worked as Consulting Mechanical Engineer for engine retrofits to meet emissions limits, and as cognizant engineer for fuel gas processing systems.


Reciprocating Gas Expander section through cylinder head with very low clearance volume design.  High efficiency available with variable exhaust pressures.

Proprietary design features allow continuous operation without oil contamination of exhaust steam.  This is a necessary condition for operation in closed cycles with recirculation of condensate for boiler feed.


Traditional Walking Beam Engine used to propel a 20 ft long sidewheel steamboat.  Boiler feed pump and wet vacuum pump are also driven from the beam.  Built by Beckersville Steam Engineering Co.

Marshall - Bremme (or Klug) valve gear provides excellent cutoff control in both forward and reverse settings, with easy starting low compression character.


A larger Walking Beam Engine, possibly the largest marine steam engine being built in the 21st Century, at 13-1/ 4 inch bore x 27 inch stroke.  Beckersville Steam Engineering is designing and fabricating parts for this engine, located at the Yankee Steam Works Museum site in Connecticut.

Note that this engine is a 1/3 size model of typical sidewheel steamer engines that were popular on Long Island Sound service 100 - 150 years ago.


Single acting uniflow engine designed to generate electric power.   Dynometer tested at 4.6 BHP, 1040 RPM, 135 PSIG steam pressure. Lower end is based on an industrial engine, with new cast iron steam cylinder, uniflow ports, and modified poppet admission valve.  Unique valve design allows sharp cutoff which is generally not available with poppet valves, and also has tight shutoff character.  Designed and built by Beckersville Steam Engineering Co.

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